Creating a college choice list:

I will help you create a list of colleges and universities to explore that reflect a student's interest, skills and expectations.  

In creating a list of colleges to explore, I work with the student and family to consider factors such as the size of the school, the majors available, the location of the campus, extracurricular activities available, diversity of the campus community, and the match between the school and the student's academic profile.  Every list is reviewed in an ongoing way, as students and their families discover the different features each school can offer.



Writing the essays and supplements:

I provide guidance and support so that a student can maximize the impact of the essays on the admissions process.

Every student is more than the sum of their GPA and test scores.  The essays and supplemental questions provide an opportunity for students to share aspects of their experience, personality and interests, thus allowing schools to more fully appreciate what the student will bring to the campus community.  I work closely with students to help them find and express their own voice in this important part of the application.


Organizing the application process:

I will help you organize the application schedule, creating a calendar of events and tasks that need to be completed. 

Test practice and preparation, standardized testing, campus visits, requesting recommendations and submitting applications are all necessary components of the admissions process.  I provide guidance and advice throughout the process, ensuring that all essential activities are completed in a timely manner 



Clarification of the financial aid process:

College is potentially the largest investment parents will ever make. Knowing how to optimize and navigate the financial aspects of higher education can have lifelong impact.

Money discussions, particularly between parents and children can be difficult. In order to make best fit college choices, it is important to consider financial realities and opportunities.  There is an entire vocabulary of financial aid terms that families need to know and consider as they plan a college education.  I will provide information, insight and guidance around key features of the financial realities of higher education.