Why Start NOW?

Three important facts for parents of high school juniors!


Fact #1

On October 31, 2016 (the day before most early action/early decision deadlines)close to 800,000 recommendations were submitted on behalf of this year’s senior class.  (That statistic was provided to NACAC by The Common Application just minutes ago).  This is If you can avoid this traffic jam of paperwork and potentially crashing servers, choose to be done early!


Fact #2

While there are seniors who are scrambling to finish the process today, there are also seniors who planned thoughtfully and who are opening decision letters already (before November 1)!  


Fact #3

Beginning the college search process TODAY will provide at least four school vacation-based opportunities to visit college campuses with students on campus before you have to submit ANY applications.  This will allow for thoughtful discussions, revision of college lists, and (perhaps most importantly) help motivate your student to set and meet their own goals.

 If you begin the process now, you will have a calendar in place for testing, campus visits, obtaining recommendations, and all the other myriad steps in the college application process.  You will be far less likely to be chasing down the last pieces that make your student’s applications complete.